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Bombardier Global Express 6000 Impresses

Large business jet provides long range, ultra luxury.

Bombardier global Express

The Bombardier Global 6000 is yet another in a long line of business jets produced by this Canadian aircraft manufacturer. When it first arrived on the scene in 2010, it was known as the XRS. Given its similarity to the 5000, the 6000 appellation was substituted later. No matter the name used, the 6000 is a large cabin ultra long range business jet that can take you from Los Angeles to Sao Paulo and between select other city pairs without refueling.

Strong Performance

The Global 6000 is outfitted with a pair of Rolls-Royce BR710A2-20 turbofan engines. These engines have 14,750 pounds of thrust at takeoff and a flat rating of 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

All Global 6000 engines have been fully optimized to handle today’s modern airframes and are benchmarked to provide excellent performance and efficiency. Rolls-Royce engines are also reliable, maintainable, and have low operating costs.

Aircraft Dimensions

The Bombardier Global 6000 measures 99.4 feet long with an overall height of 25.5 feet. Its wingspan is almost as wide as this aircraft is long, measuring 94 feet.

Inside, the aircraft’s cabin is generously proportioned. It measures 8-feet, 2-inches across, allowing for oversized passenger seats and a wide aisle. At its center, the aircraft measures 6-feet, 4-inches tall.

The Global 6000’s dimensions allow for more useable floor space than any other aircraft in its class today. Seating ranges from 8 to 19 passengers as designed by the aircraft owner. That means there is ample space for a baggage compartment, work station, galley, lavatory and a state room.

Advanced Technologies

Among business aircraft, the Global 6000 is widely recognized for its use of advanced technologies. The aircraft is outfitted with a Bombardier Vision Flight Deck, what delivers a unique cockpit experience. The design was put in place to minimize human error, provide visual-like conditions when only instrument panel conditions are present, improve situational awareness, and reduce pilot workload.

Bombardier claims that the new design leads to well-informed crew members, improved execution of flight legs, and improved ergonomics to improve crew comfort. The flight deck makes use of high quality materials, expanded storage space, better leathers, and brushed chrome.

Among the latest cockpit technologies included with Global 6000 are a synthetic vision system and a high-resolution enhanced vision system camera for sharper images. Other technologies that have been included or have been improved are: SATCOM, Link 2000+, wind shear escape, a paperless cockpit, vertical situation display, future air navigation system, a surface management system, wide area augmentation system, and both vertical guidance and datalink communication systems.

Aircraft Systems

The Bombardier Global 6000 may have you wanting to Trade-A-Plane in for this one. Given that it is outfitted with many of the same aircraft systems found in commercial jets, that sentiment is understandable.

Bombardier claims that no single system failure is enough to divert a mission. Those systems include the pressurization and ECS system, the flight control system, AC electrical system, the hydraulic system, and the fuel system. That’s good news for world travelers who need the dependability to conduct business without interruption.

Bombardier global Express
Bombardier global Express
Bombardier global Express

Photos courtesy Bombardier.