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5 Winning Job Tips and Tricks

What it takes to get a job today.

In a good economy it can be challenging enough to set yourself apart from other job candidates as you make your case to an employer why you should be hired. In today’s challenging economic times finding work can be daunting — just getting an interview requires much effort. You can, however, gain an edge over other candidates by carefully planning and putting in place a winning strategy. The following five tips and tricks are designed to help you make a difference and get the job that you want.

1. Assemble your information — Knowledge is power and acquiring information will help put you in a position to one-up the competition. When interviewing, employers expect that you will know more than basic information about that company. Fortunately, most any information is easy to acquire simply by googling for it. Go to the company’s website and read each of the key pages including the main page, about, news and more. Find articles about the business online too, article written by news services, competitors and pundits.

2. Get there on time — Arriving late to an interview, even just a few minutes late, can ruin your chances of finding work claims Peter Post writing for The Boston Globe. Traffic, bad weather and missed directions can make you late. Map out your route and plan to arrive at least 20 minutes in advance, allowing for possible delays. If you arrive more than 10 minutes early, wait in your car, but get to the office five to 10 minutes ahead of schedule. If you’re unsure of the route to take, take a “dry run” a day or two in advance.

3. Listen carefully and ask questions — A job interview is not a monologue — it is a dialogue. The person interviewing you will start off talking and then will ask you some questions. At some point, you’ll be given the chance to answer questions yourself. On the first interview, you’ll want to avoid asking questions related to salary and benefits. Instead, focus on the job description and ask about the details of the job. Seek clarification about specific points you don’t understand. Demonstrate interest and offer solutions to problems.

4. Presentation matters — If you’re very nervous, that will show. Compose yourself, breath deeply, answering every question carefully and with much thought. Part of your uncertainty may involve how you feel about yourself. You can allay some of your fears by choosing the right clothes to fit the job interview, a suit that makes you feel good about yourself and helps you project self-confidence. “Dressing for success” goes beyond clothing — cover up tattoos, limit your piercings to a pair of earrings, don’t chew gum, avoid wearing perfume or cologne in excess and trim your nails advises Dr. Randall S. Hansen of Quintessential Careers.

5. Thanks and follow up — Once your interview is over you need to plan your next step. And that step should be to send out a thank you note. How important are thank you notes? A Career Builder survey shared by AOL Jobs noted that 22 percent of surveyed hiring managers are less likely to hire a candidate that does not send a thank you note. Send a thank you note by email or postal mail, and then follow up one week later with a call to the company to reiterate your interest in the position.

Will these tips and tricks land you a job? There is no guarantee that they will, but the odds of you getting hired over another potential employee of equal merit increases with each step. You need every advantage possible today — why not put together a winning strategy for job-finding success?

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