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He’s Back!

Like a well worn coin I’m back “in” when it comes to most things business aviation.

Taking flight....again!

Since selling off or retiring each of my long held aviation websites in 2007 and 2008, I’ve spent the past two years pursuing other interests including helping clients find their place online. Automotive, college, consumer, writing and other topics have kept me busy, so I’ve paid scant attention to the world of corporate jets during that time.

Battered Industry

Actually, that isn’t entirely correct. I’ve been watching this industry with dismay as some have attacked it for catering to the “rich” or painting the industry as an excessive corporate benefit. In either case critics fail to realize the advantages a private jet has in getting time pressed executives to far flung destinations in as short a period possible to check out their business properties or to close a deal.

These attacks have made it difficult, if not impossible, for many people whose livelihoods are tied to this industry to continue with what they love doing. I’ve kept up with some of you over the past three years and what you have been telling me is oftentimes difficult for me to hear.

New Purpose

Nevertheless, your perseverance has inspired me to revisit an industry I first got involved with in 1992 when I was hired by Executive Air Fleet, an affiliate of Jet Aviation. To that end I’ve decided to pull out from my domain stockpile one of my retired names—Jet Venue—repurposing it to give corporate flight attendants, pilots and maintenance technician a place where they can post their resumes, network and keep up with industry happenings.

Built on the world’s most popular content management system, WordPress, Jet Venue is set up like a blog, but goes far beyond those limitations.

Fresh Features

You’ll certainly find blog articles and pages here, but you’ll also find something you don’t usually see with a blog: a forum section. Plus, if you want to feature your resume on this site, you can do so for free by registering and uploading that information yourself. Or, if you prefer that Jet Venue handle the job for you, we can create a dedicated page and host it on this site for a flat annual subscription fee.

Jet Venue is not a continuation of anything else I’ve developed in the past, rather it is a fresh step forward or even a bold look to the future. Business aviation is still suffering, but this industry will once again grow and expand, allowing for people just like you to further your careers and do what you love to do—fly.

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